Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Poznań museum

Went to Poznań museum today. I was the only person in there apart from the gallery attendants. There were about nine of them, mainly women, all wearing their standard issue navy fleeces thrown casually over their shoulders. There was one tall skinny boy with glasses, black hair and a worried looking face who followed me all the way from 'Polish Art after 1946' to 'Medieval Art'. And there was a huge activity room that looked like great fun. There was also a lot of flesh on display.

Got very into Alfred Wisniewski, Franciszek Jaźwiecki and Wojciech Weiss.

Alfred Wisniewski 

Franciszek Jaźwiecki  'Sow with young' 
Wojciech Weiss 'Nude girl with her leg on a chair' 1911

Tomorrow I am heading in again to check their poster collection, especially any that depict the 'ideal communist women'... Oh so very excited about this!