Friday, 4 November 2011


When looking at the history of women in Poland I found the images of women in propaganda posters fascinating. Posters are a reflection of the time as well as a way to shape the politics of the time. They are a visual way to communicate a message whether it is political, educational or informational. They are also used as a form of propaganda. Propaganda is a way to influence people’s ideas and to change their attitudes to further a political or other type of agenda. Found some brilliant books on Nazi Propaganda with images of Germans tying up British lions and running over Americans in tanks. 

Socialist ideology in general opposed traditional roles of women, creating this new role of ‘working women’, however traditional patriarchal elements were also made to fit into this framework. The model of the Polish mother and also the peasant were made into this new model of woman worker. 

These images are a mixture of posters from all over the world and from different time periods and political situations. For me they are an accurate reflection of the many ways in which women have been represented throughout history.