Monday, 3 September 2012

Hendoooo (SQUAWK)

Just got back from my best pals hendoooo in 'The Big Smoke'.
High points of the weekend are as follows:

1. Our massive pink inflatable unicorn named Andre (RIP)

2. Wearing so much glitter it caused minor disruptions when dancing
3. The moment when some guy called me a bird and I spent the next half hour shouting "AM I AN OWL? AM I A SPARROW? at him. (Obnoxious twittering)
4. The early morning tribal dance routine with sparklers in the dark (never witnessed so much raw emotion)
5. My girls face when we showered her with liquid adoration (sweaty hugs)

All in all, tip top, summed up by the fact that I keep finding bits of glitter in my mouth.